Not only are we creating commerce in our cities, but we are taking initiatives through rural activities as well, such as agriculture, trail systems, and more.
Constant stimulation is needed to keep our economy alive and well. 
Job growth
As our economy begins to grow, more opportunities are presented. Creating jobs is key.
Types of Jobs
There are many jobs in demand in our area, ranging from industries like manufacturing to agriculture. We do our best to work with our existing industries to create maximum output.
Innovation is key. New ideas are presented everyday on how we can boost our local economy. It takes the unification of our communities to pull our minds and resources together to keep this area going.
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  1. Don Perdue - Executive Director Dperduerx@Aol.com
    A Graduate of Marshall University and Ohio Northern University, Don has served continuously in the WV House of Delegates since 1998. He is a retired Pharmacist with 35 years experience in all practice settings and he and his wife, Mary Jo, reside on a small farm near Huntington, WV. For the past seven years he has been employed as the Executive Director of the Wayne County Economic Development Authority.
  2. Carol Damron - Executive Assistant WCEDA@Suddenlinkmail.com
    Carol is a native of Wayne who has served as the Executive Assistant at the Wayne County Economic Development Authority for 15+ years. Her experience has made her a viable asset of the organization and a knowledgeable resource for those wishing to work or coordinate with the Wayne County EDA.
  3. Park Ferguson - Associate Director Park.ferguson@wceda.org
    Park is a Wayne County native and a graduate of West Virginia University. His interest in community and economic development began during his time as a schoolteacher in Wayne County. He is an avid outdoorsman and is especially dedicated to developing the local food and outdoor recreation economies. He currently resides in Wayne, WV.
  4. Cody Hatten - Associate Director Cody.Hatten@wceda.org
    Cody is a current MBA student at Marshall University and native of Wayne County. He is heavily involved in student organizations on Marshall's campus and actively participates in numerous planning events in the Lewis College of Business.
We are active in the community, and work hard to ensure that every opportunity for economic growth in Wayne County is identified and sought out.
Resource Highlights
  1. Community-Engagement
    Community = Success
    The only way economic stimulation can truly succeed is when our community works together. We work hard to stay as involved as possible, and work with individuals, businesses, and organizations within Wayne County.
  1. Intermodal Facility
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