Key Figures
Ranging from political figures to business & organization leaders, the WCEDA focuses heavily on building relationships with as many leaders as possible. By building these relationships, we can serve as a focal point to bring the right people together for the right situations that can leader to greater economic stimulation in the county. If you feel your business or organization would like to utilize these resources, contact us for more details!
On top of offering resources, we also have properties available for sale! Below, you will see all of the current properties that we own within the county and what all is currently being done with each property. Click on the images to learn more about the specific properties.
Sullivan Site
The Sullivan Site is a large location located off the exit of Prichard, WV. With the land being 50 +/- acres, along with the convenience of being located right across from the Prichard Intermodal Facility, it is the prime location for your logistical needs. 
Kenova Elementary Building
Now the vacant Kenova Elementary School, this building is a large structure located in the heart of the city of Kenova. No more than a few minutes away from the interstate, this location can be the perfect location for businesses to attract potential consumers either coming in or leaving the state of West Virginia at exit 1. 
Thompson Pool
Located on the West end of Huntington, this area borders what is known as "West Edge". This piece of property is .68 of one acre and can be the prime location for any business to place their operations. Such business endeavors could include manufacturing, logistics, and more. 

Hammonds Bottom Site
Hammonds Bottom Site is located in Wayne, twenty-one miles south of I-64 Exit 1, and two miles from Route 23. Totaling in 123 acres of land, this site can serve almost any function dependent on the purchaser. View this PDF for more information, including contact information! 
Jim C. Hamer Property
Located in the city of Kenova, this property weighs in at around 20 acres of land, perfect for your development needs! Being that it is within city limits, utilities are relatively close by. More information can be found here.